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Why Some Buyers Still Prefer New Homes

Here is an article on why some buyers still prefer new homes at Market Watch Energy costs is something we point out to home buyers as mentioned in the article as well as deferred maintenance; some buyers don’t take into account when buying an older home there are going to be costs down the road to make repairs like fixing the roof, carpets, etc.

There are pros and cons to buying new with the biggest objection the price.  There are several factors that can help offset the price such as special financing through the builder and energy efficiency.

If you are thinking of buying let us sit down with you and discuss your home buying needs and figure if a new home or resale is the way to go for you.

  • Energy Efficiency – New homes are more energy efficient and will save you thousands over the long term.
  • Save on Homeowners Insurance New homes will also save you thousands in homeowners insurance as they are built to the current codes and are at less risk than older homes.
  • Save Money On Repairs  When buying an older home there are going to be costs down the road to make repairs like fixing the roof, carpets, air conditioning, etc
  • Make it Your Home This does not apply as much if you are buying an inventory home but if you are going to build you can make design options for the interior just the way you like it. Keep in mind some builders offer design allowances , this is where you need to consult with us being your new home specialists. We will consult with you and negotiate with the builder to help save you money.
  • Hurricane Strong New homes now are built to strict hurricane codes and must have hurricane shutters for the home.
  • Resale Value When you go to sell your home it will be more attractive to buyers since it still is not very old.
  • Closing Costs Assistance Buying a resale in a sellers market can be difficult to negotiate closing costs with sellers. Every seller is different and many may not be willing to contribute anything to your closing costs. We work with several builders who we can negotiate with to have all or most of your closing costs paid. Please consult with us on which ones will do this.

In conclusion what it comes down to is although buying a resale may sound more affordable when it comes down to all the hidden savings that a new home offers it may be a better option to purchase new. We would love the opportunity to work with you in helping you find your perfect home. It is our passion and our mission!


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Why Some Buyers Still Prefer New Homes

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